July 3, 2022

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The new restrictions in France called on Americans to avoid traveling to France and Portugal

New Activities, New Reports, and Highlights: An update on the latest developments in the Govt-19 epidemic worldwide.

France, which on Monday announced a series of measures and recommendations to try to stem the fifth wave of the corona virus, is not only tightening its screws: everywhere, controls are being taken against those who have not been vaccinated in the face of the spread of the Omigran variant. .

  • France: Nightclubs closed, new activities at school

Closing nightclubs for four weeks, strengthening health standards in primary school, and opening the vaccine program for all children: French Prime Minister Jean-Costex on Monday announced a battery of measures against the 5th wave of the Covit-19.

Can people over 65 access the booster size without an appointment? The head of government called on the French to “simplify” social relations.

Within companies as well as the public service, the government aims to deliver 2 to 3 days a week and wants to limit face-to-face meetings.

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  • New York: Mandatory vaccination in the private sector

The mayor of New York (USA), Bill de Blasio, has decided that from December 27, all companies and private businesses in the city will have to vaccinate their employees to go to work.

According to Town Hall, children between the ages of 5 and 11 must show a dose from December 14 to participate in “high-risk nonviolent activities such as sports, music and dance.” If Johnson & Johnson have not received the single dose vaccine for those over 12 years of age, they will need two doses.

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  • Italy: Restrictions on those not vaccinated

Under the new restrictions that came into effect on Monday, those who have not been vaccinated in Italy will no longer be able to go to the movies, theaters, concerts or major sporting events.

The only exceptions are those who have recently recovered from Covit-19 and have access to the “Super Health Pass” issued to those who have been vaccinated. Basic health pass to go to his workplace, accessible with a negative test.

  • Americans have been urged to avoid traveling to France and Portugal

U.S. officials on Monday asked their compatriots to avoid traveling to a dozen countries, including France and Portugal, although they were among the best-vaccinated in Europe, amid an outbreak of the disease on the old continent.

  • Netherlands: Faced with an outbreak of the disease, hospitalized soldiers

Thanks to military reinforcements, the Dutch hospital UMC Utrecht on Monday opened a second care unit for Kovit-19 patients and will welcome patients from all hospitals in the Netherlands when needed, in the wake of recent epidemics.

To assist the nursing staff, security sent “50 medically trained men” who allowed them to “support hospitals in two services (Govt) in Utrecht”, explained AFP Martin van Dijk, who coordinates military assistance within the organization.

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  • Colombia: Vaccination certificate required to enter the country

Colombian President Evan Duke announced on Monday that international travelers over the age of 18 must submit a Covit-19 vaccine certificate to enter the country from December 14.

  • The first case of the Omigron variant was found in Fiji on the border

The Fiji Islands on Monday reported the first case of an omigran variant of Govit-19, which has apparently been parked at the border and no one has been infected, officials in the small Pacific nation said.

Health officials said Monday evening that Omigron had been found in two Fijians returning from Nigeria via Hong Kong on November 25.

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  • Argentina: Omigran’s first case, a pass established in Buenos Aires

The first case of an Omicron variant was found in Argentina on a traveler returning from South Africa, officials said, with the province of Buenos Aires, the third largest population, announcing the first health permit since December 21st.

Governor Axel Kisiloff told reporters that the pass is required for employees attending public meetings or “closed spaces for cultural, sporting, and religious activities,” as well as for those who are in constant contact with the public. He explained that he was inspired by the experience of many European countries, including France.

  • The impact of the epidemic on education is far more severe than expected
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The generation of young people currently attending school is at risk of losing nearly $ 17 trillion in income due to epidemic-related school closures, more than initially expected, according to the World Bank and the UN. Agencies warn.

This amounts to about 14% of current world GDP and is estimated to be more than $ 10,000 billion by 2020, according to a report released on Monday by companies in Washington, UNESCO and UNICEF.

In low- and middle-income countries, the percentage of children under the age of 10 who cannot read or understand plain text – up from 50% before the epidemic – could reach nearly 70% as classes close. Poor quality of distance education.

  • More than 5.2 million people died

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) office in China announced the outbreak of the disease in late December 2019, the epidemic has killed at least 5.2 million people worldwide, according to a report established by AFP at 11:00 GMT on Monday. .

The death toll was 789,708 more than Brazil (615,744), India (473,537), Mexico (295,203) and Russia (282,462).

The WHO estimates that the number of epidemics in the world could be two to three times higher, taking into account the high number of deaths directly and indirectly linked to Govt-19.