July 3, 2022

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Referring to Guadeloupe’s “autonomy”, Sebastien Leghorn creates waves

Reactions – In search of a way out of the crisis, the Minister of Foreign Affairs referred to the wishes of certain Guadeloupe elected officials and pronounced the word “autonomy” and made some decisions. An event that made the opposition react.

In a televised speech to the Guadeloupeans on Friday, Sébastien Lecornu explained that the government. “Ready” Talk about the autonomy of the island. During the meetings to resolve the crisis in the West Indies, there was a surprising announcement as the beginning of the response to the elected authorities. “Less equality with France, freedom of decision-making by local decision-makers“, According to the Minister. “There are no bad discussions until these discussions help solve the real problems of Guadeloupe’s daily life.”, The Minister continued.

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Guadeloupe and Martinique are in the grip of strong tensions

To start the discussion, “Without restriction”, A member of the government also angered the opposition. On the right, Xavier Bertrand, the candidate for the LR nomination, exploded this possibility. On Twitter, he writes: “Guadeloupeans and Martinique do not want less government, on the contrary: they want the government to stand by their side and accept its responsibilities”.

Content from Michel Barnier, another LR aspirant for the presidency. “At stake is the unity of the nation. What is expected of the government in the West Indies is power, dialogue and health and economic support. No panic, no progress “. “Foreigners are not allowed to sow doubt in our connection with France”, Concludes the former European Commissioner.

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  • Guadeloupe’s “Autonomy”: What are we talking about?

His LR rival Eric Seotti looks at this ad, “Macronism [qui] Still submissive to the street and rioters in the West Indies. “, Recalling that the island’s caretakers had already postponed the vaccination duty to December 31.

Also on the right, former host of the National Rally and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen begins on Twitter: “The government says it is ready to leave Guadeloupe to try to buy off radical separatists. This is not what Guadeloupe expects! They expect the state to be protected, respected and given opportunities.

His former right-hand man, the current leader of the Patriots, and the presidential candidate, Florian Philippe, is particularly promising. “Our comrades in Guadeloupe do not want autonomy, they want the end of Govt madness just like us!

For thirteen days, Guadeloupe, like Martinique, has been experiencing a new social crisis born of challenging the mandatory anti-Govt vaccine for caregivers and firefighters.

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