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Obama, the attack of the poor countries against the rich … what to remember from the day of these talks

Discover the highlights of 26 each day at the end of the daye United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP), held in Glasgow (Scotland) until November 12, as well as press insights The world.

You have to remember:

  • The north-south gap at the center of the negotiations

In the second week of the COP26 talks on Monday, November 8, developing countries erupted There are not enough responsibilities from rich countries, Has been accused of sacrificing the lives of billions of people living on the planet in the forefront of global warming. The group of “least developed countries” does not agree with the declarations of action of some countries, there is a disconnect between public announcements and what is happening in the negotiations. “, Sonam Fundshow Wangdi, Chairman of the Committee on These Countries, condemned the taking of the first week of talks during the plenary session.

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Another explosive issue: the “losses and damages” suffered by poor countries as a result of global warming. On Monday, A study published by the voluntary charity Christian Aid Countries most affected by global warming are projected to see a decline in per capita GDP in the coming years. Of the 65 countries surveyed, if we follow the current trajectory of global warming, the average decline in 2050 will be 19.6% and 63.9% by the end of the century. If the scope of the Paris Agreement reached + 1.5 செல் C, the fall would be 13.1% and 33.1%, respectively. Without it, in six of the ten most affected countries located in Africa, this decline would be more than 80% by the end of the century.

In 2009, rich countries pledged to help the poor in the fight against climate change $ 100 billion for the first year by 2020. Referring to their failure, they said COP26 a “Delivery Plan” It is planned to fulfill this commitment by 2023. The pill is going badly among those at risk, especially since they are not major contributors to global warming and most of the funds allocated to them go to emissions reduction measures.

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  • Australia will not give up coal production

Australia said on MondayCoal sales will continue “Decades”, After rejecting a contract to phase out this polluting fossil fuel in order to control global warming. “We have made it clear that we will not close our coal mines or coal plants.”Australian Resources Minister Keith Pitt told the ABC.

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Pitt, who supported Australia’s decision, said his country has the best quality coal in the world. “If we don’t win this deal, someone else will.”, He added. “I want it to be a high quality Australian product that creates Australian jobs and nurtures the Australian economy. [charbon] Comes from Indonesia, Russia or elsewhere “, Pitt promised to increase coal demand by 2030.

In all, about 40 countries are committed to eliminating coal in the coming decades. Unlike Australia, many countries that are major consumers of this fossil fuel, such as China and the United States, have not signed the pledge.

Report of the day:

You have to be angry, you have to be frustrated, but you have to divert that anger and frustration and push harder and harder to get more, because that’s what is needed.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama He spoke Monday at a conference of parties with activists mobilizing for the environment. He also paid tribute to the youth anti-climate movement and its Swedish museum, Greta Dunberg. “And [ait] A lot of Greta around the world ”. Mr Obama also denounced the absence“Ambition” The states are inviting them to implement the Paris Climate Agreement “Do a lot”. Finally, the former US president criticized the absence of representatives from Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Two of the most fiery countries”.

Picture of the day:

Campaigners for climate justice demonstrated in Lahore, Pakistan on Monday, November 8, as the second week of the COP26 talks begins in Glasgow, Scotland.

All over the world:

Bonuses for buying electric cars, research funding for “zero carbon” technologies, money for “nuclear research” and a big plan to improve the energy efficiency of buildings – the worst in the country … this is what Boris Johnson thinks. The United Kingdom must ensure carbon neutrality by 2050.

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Words to understand COP26:

Carbon sink

It is a natural or artificial reservoir that absorbs more carbon than it emits, thus helping to reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases and, therefore, global warming. Natural carbon sinks are found in oceans (especially plankton and coral reefs, which absorb up to 30% of carbon dioxide emissions from human activity), forests (terrestrial plants, especially tropical, save a quarter of their emissions) and soil (humus, beetlands).

Global warming and human activities will reduce the efficiency of natural carbon sinks and convert them into carbon sources. The acidification of the oceans reduced its ability to absorb carbon Deforestation It is responsible for a quarter of the CO emissions2.

Carbon can also be captured professionally. The process of capturing and storing CO2 (” Carbon capture and storage “In English, CCS refers to burying greenhouse gases emitted by polluting industries (power plants running on fossil fuels, cement factories, etc.) and burying them in deep geological systems, on land or at sea, to avoid releasing them into the atmosphere. . The International Panel on Climate Change says CCS can account for more than 20% of global CO emissions.2 By 2050



On February 19, 2021, the United States – the world’s second largest polluter – Paris has officially reaffirmed the climate agreement, Leaving it at the instigation of Donald Trump. US President Joe Biden made the request to the United Nations (UN) on January 20, the day of his inauguration. Thirty days later, the world’s leading economic power reunited with 189 other countries in 2015 to ratify the sealed agreement in order to control global warming.

On paper, this decision may seem symbolic: due to procedural rules, the United States will only pull out of the agreement for three months. In fact, this event signifies the desire of the United States to establish itself as one of the leaders in climate action and to lead other countries in their uprising. It breaks the policy of President Donald Trump for four years.

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Solutions for the planet:

In France, most of our homes are leaking. This is particularly embarrassing as almost 80% of fossil fuels are used to make the construction industry one of the major national challenges in the fight against global warming. The world Went to meet people looking for solutions to upgrade our thousands of energy filters.

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