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Tebas: Ronaldo did nothing to help Serie A, and I advise supporters of the Super League to invite a team from Mars

La Liga President Javier Tebas expressed his views on the problems of Spanish and European football.

Javier Tebas does not believe in the reality of the European Super League and is not inclined to overestimate the role of individual footballers in the prosperity of one league or another.

“One of the biggest challenges for us now is the return of the pandemic,” Tebas said at MARCA Sport Weekend. “La Liga is a huge industry with about 180,000 jobs, and this is a big responsibility.”

“It’s more difficult for us to hold competitions, the number of cases is growing, we have to tighten and change safety protocols. But life goes on. Despite 260 positive tests, of which 137 were from football players, we canceled only one match.”

Spanish football needs € 490 million to finish the season
“Spanish football needs 490 million euros to finish the season. Clubs have to save and somehow get out. Valencia is selling players, Barcelona is trying to cut players’ salaries.”

“It’s tough for all the leagues right now, but I’m sure all sorts of fantastic projects won’t save the day. First of all, you need to learn how to maintain balance.”

To create a real Super League, you need to invite teams from Mars

“Bartomeu, in connection with his resignation, said something about the Super League … Probably just joking. It seems to me that now all the” niches “are already occupied, and in order to create a real Super League, it is necessary to invite teams from Mars to it, otherwise it will just be a repetition. ”

“Another problem is football without spectators. Because of this, a lot is lost, but so far we can not do anything. But what makes me happy is that interest in La Liga is not waning. Individuals do not determine the strength of the leagues and interest in them. “.

Cristiano Ronaldo left for Italy, but Serie A was Serie A, so it remained
“Cristiano Ronaldo went to Italy, but Serie A, as it was Serie A, remained it. There was no qualitative leap. The same thing with Neymar – Ligue 1 remained Ligue 1. And La Liga remained La Liga without them. If Messi or Ramos leave in a year, no tragedy will happen either. “

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