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Kieran Trippier: Diego Simeone is the best trainer in the world

Almost a year has passed since Kieran Trippier changed northern London to Madrid, but it seems that the defender has never regretted his decision. Last summer, the England player moved from Tottenham to Atlético, and he is confident that he is rapidly progressing under the leadership of Diego Simeone, whom he considers the best coach in the world.

In an extensive interview, the 29-year-old defender spoke about life in a new country, his relationship with an Argentinean specialist, whom he respectfully calls “Mr.”, as well as the differences between Tottenham and Atlético.

– Last summer, Trippier made a rather unexpected transfer to Madrid Atletico for £ 20 million by signing a three-year contract. The football player shared his emotions after a fundamental change in his career.

“That was something surprising.” My wife and two children are the most valuable that I have, so it was important for me to find a place where they would be comfortable in the first place. We found the same place in Madrid that made our life a lot easier.

Learning Spanish is in the process, but I understand a lot more than I can speak. There are people who help me adapt as best as possible. The staff of Atlético is simply fantastic. Of course, learning a new language for myself is a rather lengthy process, but I try to succeed in this matter.

From the very first day in Atlético, I was convinced how friendly everyone is here – teammates, coaching staff and other club employees. I immediately realized that I would really like it here. A pleasant atmosphere is the most important thing for me.

Life in Spain is fundamentally different from the UK. Being here, you can notice with the naked eye how close everyone is here. Even the staff and guards hug you tightly when you arrive at the club’s base. In England, I did not even think that such a thing was possible.

Among the players who do not play so often, you will not see anyone here in a disappointed state. In England, sometimes players can get angry if the coach does not put them in the squad. Everyone wants them to be chosen, but here it is not. Everyone laughs and jokes, and there is no one without mood.

– Atletico was extremely successful with Diego Simeone, who led this club to the title of La Liga, one victory in the Spanish Cup and two triumphs in the Europa League. Trippier admitted that the Argentinean was one of the main reasons for his move to Madrid.

Perhaps sometimes it is difficult for us to understand each other because of the language barrier. Simeone tries to pronounce small phrases in English, but on the field this is not a problem. I know what he requires of his players. I know what he needs and what he expects from the team.

I think everyone knows how good a coach he is. His addiction to football can be clearly seen when he is on the edge during games. Simeone is an incredible specialist, and I have the opportunity to learn from him. You can always see how Simeone hugs young guys. His attitude to the matter cannot but cheer you up. I call him “Mr.”, which in Spanish means “boss.”

Is Simeone the best trainer in the world? Personally for me, yes. When you managed to work with him, you understand how good he is. Yes, there are many good specialists: Klopp, Guardiola … Sean Deutsch! In terms of quality and level of professionalism, Simeone is no worse.

Sean Deutsch is a brilliant manager. From the first day he came to Burnley, he greatly influenced the development of my career. I was young, stupid, and should have been better off, but Deutsch just sat in front of me and said, “Enough.” An incredible trainer whom I really love. Who knows, maybe in the future I will again have the opportunity to play for his team.

– Trippier talked about how his role in Tottenham and in Atlético differs.

– In the English Premier League, I too often sought to move forward. I feel that in Atlético I have an understanding of when to connect to the attack and when the best solution is to stay on the defensive. Obviously, I can improve my defense, which is what I need to work on. I believe that there is no better place for progress in a defensive game than Atlético.

It all starts on the training field. Diego Simeone works with you individually, and for me, the communication of the coach with his wards is the most important thing. I think that he was very successful in this aspect.

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