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Three weeks of insanity. UEFA came up with an unexpected plan how to finish the European Cups

Football bosses intend to renew Champions League and Europa League.

UEFA is considering the possibility of ending the competition of the Champions League and the Europa League this season in a three-week block during August.

This is one of the ideas being considered by the governing body of football on the continent, which is desperately looking for a solution in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, which led to the cessation of professional football. UEFA faces many challenges in its attempt to complete the Champions League and the Europa League.

For the idea of ​​matches in August to become real, the Premier League and other leagues across the continent should be launched by mid-June. Teams left in the European competition will have to spend up to three weeks at the height of summer in the rhythm of the game.

According to sources close to the clubs, the current vision of the calendar that UEFA will promote is as follows:

1. National leagues should begin as soon as they can.
And the sooner the better. So, the German Bundesliga plans to resume the game in May. The rest of the leagues think more about June with a finish in mid-late July. All matches, of course, will be held without spectators.

2. Champions League and Europa League will be held in August.
According to the negotiations that are underway, if there is little time left, the quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final can be played in two weeks, from one match, without spectators and in the neutral arena. However, sources at UEFA report that protecting the health of fans and players remains a priority among possible scenarios.

3. The next season 2020/21 will begin in September.
It turns out that the players will have about three weeks of vacation. National leagues and UEFA hope to discuss this plan to save the current season’s calendar at the upcoming video conference, which they plan to hold in the near future.

Recall that the Champions League and the Europa League were suspended indefinitely, while the crisis of COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across Europe.

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