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Kutty Ryan’s death in Morocco: 5 unbearable days from falling into a well to recovery

The announcement of the death of five-year-old Ryan, who fell into a well on Saturday, February 5, this Saturday, February 5, caused great controversy around the world. A sad ending, after a relentless wait. Back to this extraordinary accident.

On Tuesday, February 1, a large crowd gathered to try to help Kutty Ryan, who had fallen into a dry well in Morocco. The rescue was long and difficult, but despite emergency services and public involvement, the 5-year-old boy did not survive. If you do not follow the whole thing, here is a recap of those five days that can not be tolerated.


On Tuesday, February 1, five-year-old Ryan was repairing a well in Chefchaouen, north of the country, with his father. “Inadvertently for a moment, The little one fell into the well I was repairing. I could not sleep in the blink of an eye all nightt, “said his father. The dry well where Ryan had fallen At a depth of 32 m, it is dry and very narrow, about 45 cm in diameter.


“We warned the authorities that all the citizens came out in support of us. Everyone is doing their best to get him out alive. We can take him into our arms by the end of the day. But I did not hide it from you. Not that I and his mother are very upset and worried,” his father said two days after the fall. Told local reporters. In fact, Very quickly, the mobilization was enormous. The country continues to accumulate aid without holding its breath.

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On social media, the case quickly went viral, spreading Kutty Ryan’s story internationally. Supporters from all over the world are flocking to Morocco and the case is being followed very closely. Using a camera, the boy was able to communicate with a rescuer who was still alive despite his injuries. Images of young Ryan at the bottom of the well have spread around the world.


Needless to say, rescuing Ryan from this pit was no small feat. In addition to the depth and narrowness of the pipe, the boy was very difficult to access, and the crumbling nature of the ground made the operations much more complicated. Excavations are used for parallel digging. With the help of landowners, rescue workers dug a deep well and reached a depth of 27m on Friday, February 4th. Digging a horizontal “tunnel” to rescue a 5-year-old boy is a question.

Throughout the operation, through the opening of the well, water and oxygen are delivered using rayon tubes. Saturday, February 5, the result is very close. Rescuers are now 1.68 meters away from the boy, but the cliff still slows their progress. For its part, a helicopter is ready to take off at any moment as soon as Ryan leaves the well.

Sad end

At 4 p.m., emergency services indicated they were removing the child from the tunnel. Not knowing if the latter is still alive, the rescuers double their fullness to avoid the collapse of the unstable rock. It seems they reached the baby around 6pm. The exit traffic of the latter is particularly smooth. Ryan will have multiple fractures, and any unsafe trip can have serious consequences for him.

ud83d udc94 Horrible news, shocking … goodbye # RyanCongratulations on your struggle, you fought to the end. We all think of you and your whole family. Allah Yarahmo? Ud83c udffd pic.twitter.com/ETF0l4XfHX

– Y. Eye Pennasser (@YAitbennasser) February 5, 2022

Finally he was extracted from the pit where he had fallen, The boy did not escape injury and we learn it the same day a few hours later. Morocco’s state court announced this and called on the parents of King Mohammed VI to offer his condolences, his cabinet said in a statement. The news immediately caused a stir. Many dignitaries mourned the loss of hope.

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