July 3, 2022

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In Kabul there are posters saying that women should wear hijab

Another setback in the Taliban’s initial promises of returning to power after the withdrawal of US troops Afghanistan. Posters demanding that women be “forced” to wear the hijab are displayed in commercial establishments in Kabul, along with a photo of the burqa. These posters are accompanied by a short text “According to the principles
Sharia, Women must wear hijab ”, regardless of whether it is a simple scarf or a dress that covers the entire face.

It is the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Evil, which was much feared in the early days. Taliban rule (1996-2001) and restored after the Islamists seized power in mid-August, which was the beginning of the publication of these posters. “These posters were released by the ministry, but if a woman does not follow them, it does not mean she will be punished or beaten,” a spokesman explained. “This is an incentive for Muslim women to follow Sharia law. It’s okay for a woman to wear a simple veil. In general, these posters are an inspiration, ”he added.

“It creates fear”

Since returning to power, the Taliban, who want to be recognized by the international community, claim to be more moderate than during their first regime, but these posters have been included in a series of measures aimed at imposing their harsh views on Islam. Announced women who want to travel long distances Had to go with a man Their close family members and drivers were called upon to carry women only if they were wearing an “Islamic veil”.

“It’s not good. It’s scary,” said Shakaka Noori, who runs the poster – affiliated restaurant. They are prostitutes. “

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Nevertheless, it must be emphasized that before the Islamists returned to power, all Afghan women had already been covered by at least one. Scarf. Many of them wore burqas, including those controlled by the previous US-backed government.