July 3, 2022

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In Germany, 100,000 people have died since the outbreak

The figure is a dramatic symbol. More than 100,000 people, 100,119 died Govit-19 On
Germany Since the outbreak began, the Federal Health Authority (RKI) on Thursday reported 351 deaths in the past 24 hours amid outbreaks of the epidemic.

In a single day, the RKI calculated 75,961 new emissions, a new rise at a time when the largest European economy feared the enrichment of hospitals. The seven-day event reached a record high of 419.7.

The fourth record wave

Hospitals in some regions are already facing “severe burdens” that require the relocation of patients, Gernard Marx, president of the German Intensive Care Association, warned on Monday. The event surpassed the mark of 400 infections per 100,000 people in seven days for the first time on Wednesday. Many regions have re-established strict controls to prevent a fourth wave Corona virus, Strong from the appearance of the virus.

69% of the population is fully vaccinated, less than in other European countries such as France, where the rate reaches 75%. On Wednesday, Olaf Scholes acknowledged that the situation was “serious” and promised to do “everything” in the face of the epidemic after a coalition agreement with the government’s future Social Democrat leader, the Greens and the FDP’s Liberals.

The new president in December

The new government coalition, which will hold the presidency in December, seems likely to dismiss the idea immediately, however. Imprisonment Relies on the generalization of the health pass on national, and transportation and access restrictions, for example those who are not vaccinated at cultural sites. Olaf Scholes said Germany should “read” about the possible “extension” of the vaccine duty currently in place in the military and in health facilities. One billion euros will be released in support of nursing staff and nursing assistants.

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The government of outgoing Angela Merkel on Wednesday extended aid to companies affected by the closure or income reduction and partial unemployment program until April 2022.