July 3, 2022

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Global epidemic update

Posted on Sunday 09 January 2022 at 03:13

New Activities, New Reports, and Highlights: An update on the latest developments in the Govt-19 epidemic worldwide.

– More than 150,000 die in the UK

The corona virus has killed more than 150,000 people in the United Kingdom, the government said Saturday, marking a milestone for the country among the most miserable in Europe.

More specifically, 313 new deaths were reported due to Govt-19 on Saturday, bringing the death toll to 150,057 since the outbreak, 28 days after a positive test.

– Two million cases a day worldwide

According to AFP, the week from January 1 to 7 recorded an average of more than 2 million daily Govt-19 cases worldwide, doubling in ten days.

The number of new daily cases has increased by 270% since the discovery of the Omigron variant in Botswana and South Africa in late November 2021.

Most of the new cases are currently detected in Europe (7,211,290 cases in seven days, + 47% compared to the previous week) and in the United States and Canada (4,808,098 cases, + 76%).

– France: Rise of anti-PAS mobilization

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

The mobilization comes after comments from French President Emmanuel Macron, who said he wanted to “biz off” those who had not been vaccinated this week.

– Djokovic asks if he can train

Novak Djokovic was banned from entering Australia for health reasons and on Saturday asked to leave the Melbourne Detention Center for training, believing he could be exempted from the vaccine after contracting the disease in December.

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One week before the Australian Open, the World Tennis No. 1 is due to appeal in federal court on Monday.

– Can: Burkina team affected, Senegal Kaulipali positive

“Four to five executive players” from Burkina Faso and coach Covit have tested positive for the disease and are expected to miss Sunday’s African Nations (CAN) opener in Yaunde, the assistant coach explained.

Senegal’s Kalido Goulibali also tested positive for Kovit-19, announcing his club from Naples (Italian Serie A). The player is “vaccinated and asymptomatic. He is now in solitary confinement, according to health protocol”, the club notes.

– Iran: Death of imprisoned poet Baghdad Abdin

Baghdad Abdin, an Iranian poet, filmmaker and dissident, died in prison after suffering from Kovit-19, several human rights groups said on Saturday, blaming Tehran for the deaths.

– Hong Kong: The end of isolation for dozens of people

Dozens of Hong Kong dignitaries, including the police chief and finance minister, will be allowed to leave the isolation after one of the two Govt-19 cases found at a party they attended was declared false positive on Saturday.

– More than 5.4 million deaths

The epidemic has killed more than 5,478,486 people worldwide, according to the AFP report at 11:00 GMT on Saturday. The United States is next with Brazil (619,937), India (483,463) and Russia (315,400) with 8,37,262 deaths. Mexico crossed the 300,000 death mark on Friday.

However, taking into account the high number of deaths directly and indirectly associated with Govt-19, the World Health Organization estimates that the number of infections may be two to three times higher than officially recorded.

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