July 3, 2022

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ECOWAS leaders block Mali to allow military junta to retain power

West African leaders decided to close Mali’s borders and blockade the country on Sunday, January 9 in Agra, largely allowing the military regime’s intent to seize the country. “Hostage” By being in power for many years without an election.

Heads of state and government of the West African Economic Community (ECOWAS), seated behind closed doors in the Ghanaian capital, reacted aggressively to the plan of the military junta that came to power in August 2020. Five more years, and the failure of the colonels’ side to organize the presidential and legislative elections on February 27 would have brought the citizens back to the leadership of the country.

A press release read at the end of the summit said that ECOWAS has decided to close borders in Mali’s sub-regional space and suspend trade other than basic needs. It also cut its financial aid and decided to freeze Mali’s assets in the Central Bank of the West African States (BCEAO). Member states will recall their ambassadors to Malik in the aftermath of two military coups and a deeper security crisis from 2020 onwards.

Poor country affected by violence

They said the ban would take effect immediately. They will not be phased out until Mali authorities present a timetable. “Acceptable” And there will be satisfactory progress in its implementation. Malian ruling group proposes to hold presidential election in December 2026 “Totally unacceptable”, Evaluates ECOWAS. She “This means that the illegal interim military government will hold the Malian people hostage for the next five years.”.

These sanctions are far more severe than those adopted after the first coup in August 2020. Amid the epidemic, they were severely felt in a landlocked country among the world’s poorest people. They are believed to have forced military rule at the time to agree to return power to civilians within 18 months after the election.

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The military junta says today that the presidential and legislative elections could not be held as planned at the end of February, and that the country’s continuing insecurity is plagued by all kinds of violence: jihadists, the community, the villains … he stresses the need. For previous reforms, elections should not be affected by competition like previous reforms.

“This is funny”

Since the August 2020 coup, it has been strengthened by the inauguration of Colonel Azimi Koita as President in May 2021. “Change”, ECOWAS is pressuring citizens to return soon. Sensing West Africa’s outrage, the military junta sent two ministers from its government to Agra on Saturday to submit a revised timetable. The new offer is for “Conversation with ECOWAS and maintaining good cooperation”, One of the two ambassadors on National Television on Saturday, Foreign Minister Abdullah Deob said without mentioning the content.

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“Mali’s counter-proposal is a four-year change. It’s ridiculous.”, A senior Ghanaian official, whose name is unknown, said the country currently holds the presidency of the ECOWAS. For a company whose credibility is at risk, it is a question of protecting its core management principles, preventing the spread of trust and controlling regional instability.

ECOWAS has already suspended Mali from its decision-making bodies and imposed a travel ban on 150 people accused of freezing their financial assets and obstructing elections. These restrictions will remain in effect. At a summit on December 12, he pointed to the threat of sanctions “Economics and Finance” Extra. But in that situation she had to make subtle decisions on her part, and investigators say she exposed the risk of the Malians pointing the finger at her.

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