July 3, 2022

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Discussions will continue this Saturday | CNEWS

Cop26 adopted the “Glasgow Accord” on Saturday, which aims to accelerate the fight against global warming, but did not respond to calls for help from poor countries without ensuring it is kept at 1.5 C.

After two weeks of intense negotiations, the final adoption of the speech came after last minute changes introduced by China and India on the issue of a hammer blow and fossil fuels from the British President of the World Climate Conference. The Glasgow Climate Conference (Scotland), which was due to end on Friday, finally continued on Saturday after another night of consultation. This Saturday, its chairman, British Alok Sharma, pointed out that this was “the moment of truth for our planet”.

“This is a moment of truth for our children and our grandchildren.” He acknowledged that the world had not kept its promises when the Paris Agreement was ratified in 2015, but acknowledged that COP26’s draft final declaration “recognized this fact and called for a response.”

The new draft final announcement of the World Climate Conference released by the British Presidency did not lead to the expected progress and the afternoon was expected to be a new full session storm.

After two summits welcoming more than 120 heads of state, all sorts of announcements about forests or methane and two weeks of day and night talks, London still hopes to end COP26 “alive” on Saturday. The Paris Agreement restricts global warming to 1.5 ° C compared to the pre-industrial period.

According to the UN, while the world is still on the “catastrophic” path of 2.7 ° C warming, the new text protects against the reduction of emissions and the advancement of fossil fuels, the main sources of greenhouse gases.

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