July 3, 2022

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After Omigran, America could “live” with the virus

The famous immunologist considers it impossible to completely eliminate the virus, but believes that the broader immunity provided by Omigron will help “live with” it.

The United States may, however, be admitted to the hospital in registered numbers “Door” A change period, after which it is possible “To live” The virus was diagnosed on Tuesday, January 11, by Dr. Anthony Fossie.

“As Omigran goes further and further, I hope we will find a situation (…) between good basic immunity and the possibility of treating someone at risk.”, Said a White House adviser on the health crisis. “When we get there, it will be this change. We can be at the door today.”, Said the immunologist during an intervention organized by the Center for Research Institute for Strategic and International Studies.

The United States has surpassed its record in the number of hospital admissions with Covid-19, with nearly 146,000 affected patients currently occupying hospital beds across the country. Of those, nearly 24,000 are in intensive care, according to data from the U.S. Department of Health on Tuesday. The previous record was set on January 14, 2021, almost a year ago when 142,000 people were hospitalized.

This virus can not rule our lives for long

Anthony Fossie

“We are not at an acceptable stage.”வோம் Let’s live with the virus, especially as there is currently pressure on the health system. “But I think we’ll get there.”, Fossie said Tuesday. The Omigran variant, he said, was probably contagious because of its extreme contagion “Almost everyone”, And the complete elimination of Govt-19 is unlikely. Corn “This virus cannot be allowed to dominate our lives for long”, Hammered the scientist and begged to be installed soon “New Strategy”.

The United States is currently facing an impressive outbreak of the epidemic associated with this variation, which has become a majority in a few weeks. Since the end of December, the number of pollutants in the country has been recorded. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an average of about 18,500 people are hospitalized every day with Covit-19.

However, some may be hospitalized for other reasons, and testing there may reveal an infection. Those who are not vaccinated are at higher risk of being hospitalized than those who have been vaccinated, said Dr. during a hearing in Congress. Anthony Fauzi repeatedly said Tuesday that a Republican senator had accused him of making death threats. At the end of December in New York City, the number of daily hospitalizations per 100,000 people who were not vaccinated was more than 58, which is less than 5 of those who were fully vaccinated.

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